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I am designing a one-credit course on using simulations and/or games (and the difference between the two!) as part of learning strategy formulation and national decision-making.  The SAGE group will be a more informal set of experiments with groups of students to test games and simulations for inclusion in the course.  We begin in AY 2023/24, meeting roughly twice a month, on Fridays at 3pm, in the private gaming room at Atomic Empire game store in Durham (see the calendar below).  If you’re interested please email me and I’ll add you to the listserv for announcements.  Flexibility will be required.  Most games will only be able to accommodate 12-16 people. Late signups can observe, but there are limits to the room size!

SCHEDULE CHANGE: Blucher will now be on 2/2, and the Hex-and-Counter game basics (Battle for Moscow, 1941) will be on 1/26